Exterior modifications take a great deal of skill and expertise to install properly so that they look like they were part of the original construction of the home.  This is especially difficult when performing an exterior modification in a brick exterior.  The mortar on a brick home ages over time and the color can't be matched with new mortar, so every effort needs to be made to expand or match the height and width of any elements of the exterior you may be removing or replacing.

Many of our clients want to add a double French glass doors or a window to their basement to bring in more light.  As you can see from the pictures our team's experience can accomplish this in a single day and at a much lower cost then most homeowners expected.  And here's where experience matters.  Not all houses were built to code and as the pictures show we ran into trouble with the brick exterior of one home being out of code preventing the installation of a standard size double door.  Our team was able to cut the foundation floor to make it fit.